Human Rights Advocacy

At this time, Ms. Stokes is in the process of appealing to the United Nations for an investigation into significant human rights violations occurring or having occurred in Travis County, Texas, but the ongoing human rights violations in Travis County are not an isolated occurrence.  These types of violations are happening at a crisis rate across the nation, and each veteran or family affected by similar conduct should have an equal chance at justice.

To help facilitate a “Justice For All” approach, Ms. Stokes will be developing templates for veterans and families to file their own complaints in jurisdictions where remedies have been exhausted and will assist veterans and families in developing a strategy for exhausting remedies where the jurisdictional requirement is still lacking.

If you are interested in promoting human rights in the United States, please consider helping with this project by making a donation to support these ideas. Other ways to help include promoting publicity for a United Nations review of human rights violations in the United States and contacting your Congressional representatives to let them know that family law reform is a matter of national security.

If you are interested in reviewing or promoting publicity for the United Nations complaint filed by Ms. Stokes, please contact Ms. Stokes for information on how to obtain a copy of the complaint. You are also invited to contact Ms. Stokes, if you would like to discuss your ideas about this project.